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In its most usual form, chiropractic care focuses on improving the alignment of misaligned vertebrae in the spine. When the vertebrae in the spine lose their healthy alignment it can lead to irritated or pinched nerves which may cause pain or discomfort or a myriad of other possible symptoms. A chiropractor is a trained expert in evaluating the spine to determine which vertebrae are misaligned and correcting those misalignments. The realignment process is accomplished using a chiropractic adjustment. To perform an adjustment the chiropractor uses a specific, gentle force or impulse on the misaligned vertebra to improve the vertebra’s alignment. This will help to remove the nerve interference caused by the misaligned bone and it will ultimately help to improve spinal function and reduce pain and other symptoms.

Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics Of America doctors focus on the diagnosis and treatment of many of the common extremity conditions that people suffer from. Hand and foot disorders are often caused by misalignments of the tiny hand or foot bones and joints. Your Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics of America doctor can help to improve the alignment and function of your hands, feet, and other extremity joints. They do this through administering a gentle adjustment to the misaligned bones in the involved area of your body.

Patients often ask if the hand or foot adjustment is a painful process. Most patients report their hand or foot adjustment to be a very pleasant experience. This is because as healthy alignment is restored to the hands and/or feet, those areas of the body will begin to function better and feel more relaxed. The actual adjusting procedure is a comfortable experience, as are the post treatment effects.

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