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Doctor Robert Haag

Doctor Robert Haag

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Dr. Robert Haag

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Dr. Robert Haag is a hand and foot chiropractor who focuses on providing chiropractic adjustments to the tiny bones in the hands and feet. Like other chiropractor he also adjusts the spine. The adjusting procedures he provides are effective in treating various hand, foot and spine conditions. Dr. Haag’s practice is located in Fort Meade, FL. Do you suffer with foot problems such as heel pain, arch pain, toe pain or ankle pain?  The ankles and feet are one of the most traumatized areas of the human body, therefore it is very common for people to develop alignment problems involving the 26 bones of the foot. These misaligned foot bones may lead to foot problems and various health issues involving the feet, knees and spine.

Providing foot adjusting techniques for patients is an important part of his practice, and Dr. Robert Haag also adjusts the tiny bones and joints in the hands and wrists as well as other areas of the body. The hand bones may become misaligned due to repetitive daily activities. A hand problem may arise as a mild pain or numbness in the hand or fingers or a burning pain. Hand conditions can eventually lead into more severe symptoms such as weakness or loss in grip strength. Misalignments of the wrist and/or hand bones are often times the primary underlying problem involved with many hand and wrist conditions. Doctor Robert Haag has been trained in the proper application of chiropractic adjustments to the tiny bones in the hands and wrists. His treatments are designed to alleviate pain and discomfort in the hands, wrists and other areas of the upper extremity.

To schedule an appointment to consult with Dr. Robert Haag about your hand or foot condition or other health concerns, please call his office at 863-285-8686

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